Sidekick Arts: Bringing Artists into Schools

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

In a 2002 report by the Arts Education Partnership it was shown that children exposed to the arts, such as drama, music and dance, are often more proficient at reading, writing and math.

In fact, while many people still think of art as frivolous, it has been found over and over again that it not only assists children academically but also leads to fewer disciplinary infractions and higher attendance and graduation rates.

Teachers and administrators know about the positive impact the arts make on students, but limited budgets and schedules often make this integration a challenge.

Sidekick Arts wants to change that with their latest Indiegogo project.


“There are many local artists who would love to share their craft with schools, but they don’t always know how to connect with teachers or how to get fairly compensated by their skills […] within schools.”

Sidekick Arts was created by members of the Rogers Park Art Alliance in Chicago, Illinois. Their goal is to connect working artists with partner schools to enhance classroom learning and school curriculum with presentations, demonstrations, and workshops.


The artists and teachers are the heroes, but this project is looking for their sidekicks. . . those willing to support this valiant effort.

If they can reach their $8,000 financial goal, Sidekick Arts will fund twelve artist visits over one school year. Please consider supporting this inspiring project by visiting Sidekick Arts on Indiegogo prior to Tuesday, June 30, 2015.


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