Introducing Prynt: The “Instant Photo” Camera Case

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

Sometimes the most innovative ideas are simply a reconfiguration of existing ones. The trick, of course, is finding that magical combination that makes people say “Wow!”

Prynt (currently on Kickstarter here) is that amazing combination of old and new. Its founders took the idea of a Polaroid instant camera, and then combined it with a smart phone to create something brand-spanking-new. . . transforming an old idea into a fresh, innovative product.


Prynt is the first instant camera case for iPhones and Android, and is part of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. When you take a photo with a smartphone, Prynt allows you to print it instantly without having to waste valuable time uploading the image to your computer or printer.

Another plus is that Prynt does not require ink cartridges—instead, it uses special paper with the ink already embedded inside. Each case holds ten sheets of paper, and refills can be purchased through the Prynt app.


Perhaps most innovative of all, when you view your Prynt photographs through your smartphone, you’ll actually see the scene come to life! Prynt allows you to not only take a photo, but capture a short video with each picture you take.

The Prynt team was “inspired by classic instant cameras and wanted to recreate the magical experience of sharing physical photos with our loved ones…and were also convinced [they] could enhance this experience by incorporating our smartphones, which are always with us and help us stay connected.”

If you ask me, I think they’ve accomplished what they set out to do!

The Prynt project started with a monetary goal of $50,000, and has crushed that goal by raising over $1.25 million! The good news is, you can still participate with a donation, and snap up an instant camera case of your own. Just make sure to visit Prynt on Kickstarter prior to Tuesday, March 3, 2015.


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