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Virginia Reed: Tranquil, Impressionistic Oil Paintings

Virginia “Ginger” Reed’s serene paintings echo the peace she has found in art after her mother’s passing. Although always interested in art, it wasn’t until the loss of her mother—a talented and highly-admired artist herself—that Ginger felt tremendous yearning to paint.

Each time she picked up her mother’s brushes and palette knives, Ginger felt her feelings of sorrow fade to joy. And, although primarily self-taught, it’s safe to say her mother’s talents have been passed on to Ginger—one last gift never to be taken away.

In this first painting, entitled Peaceful Resting Place, sand dunes and beach grass hold tight to a worn, wooden boat, while subdued colors and hints of coastal cliffs between blue skies and calm waters create the perfect atmosphere of serenity.


Ginger’s softly impressionistic style ensures that the quiet moment is captured perfectly. Given the tufts of grass growing alongside the water, it’s clear that this boat has been beached for a while, waiting patiently for a tide that may never come.

In Ferns and Roses, Ginger takes a different perspective and moves in close to showcase the pink-red hues of plump rose petals against a gorgeous teal vase.


The stalky, pointed fern leaves offer a sharp contrast to the bright circles of the roses and rounded strokes seen in the vase itself, but their color goes well with the smooth, emerald countertop and rich, espresso-colored background. It’s a wonderfully thought-out composition.

Last but not least, Merry Marsh, seen below, brings to mind the dreamy water lilies and dappled water scenes of the infamous Claude Monet. Yes, its a little more abstract and a little more textured, but the feeling I get from it is much the same.

Merry Marsh

The water practically shimmers (doesn’t it??) setting in motion tiny reflections of light on adjacent water lilies which bring this vibrant scene to life. Red flowers dot the marsh, mixing with various greens and tans to create a sense of joy and light throughout the painting.

And this is just the beginning! Make sure to click through and check out the rest of Ginger’s inspiring work on her website today.

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