Introducing the ParallelPALETTE – A Painting Palette Redefined

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Can a creative process like painting be streamlined?

David Lemyre and David Kassan think so. . . and to prove it, they’ve invented the parallelPALETTE, an innovative new kind of palette that stands vertically alongside your painting as you work.


As they state in their Kickstarter project, “Palettes are the sounding board for our visual notes while painting. The closer that our painting and palette are in harmony with each other, the easier and clearer it is for us to express our thoughts.”

According to David and David, the parallelPALETTE allows a more accurate way to paint. Since this palette aligns with the same plane as the painting, it permits the artist to see the direct relationship of color and value of the paints to what is applied on the canvas. Color mixing is not only more accurate, but it also lessens fatigue, since the artist no longer needs to look up and down from painting to palette.


David Kassan, who is a painter himself, has been developing the parallelPALETTE over the past decade. Years of trial and error finally evolved into the perfect assistive painting device.

He states, “Once I perfected the set-up and slim design of the palette, I soon found that I was a much better painter. I quickly discovered all of the amazing benefits of having my palette upright, next to my painting. This set-up allows me to have the same light on my painting as on my palette, which is a huge advantage. My paint textures are now much more accurate, since the lighting environment is consistent.”

Besides offering the obvious benefit of a vertical paint mixing surface, David’s invention also includes the option to slide an image under the mixing area, houses space for water dishes and brushes, and comes with a sturdy cover for long-term paint storage.


The entire device is held up by a tripod and can be tilted and rotated to match your painting surface, but if circumstances call for it, you can also place it flat like a traditional palette, too.

The parallelPALETTE project has raised about $44,000 of their $60,000 goal (which already an amazing achievement!) but they need just a little more help to get all the way there. The good news is, if you would like to support this project with a donation, you can receive a parallelPALLETTE of your own (or one of many other thank-you rewards, depending on your donor level) for helping make this project a reality.

Please visit The parallelPALETTE on Kickstarter prior to Sunday, February 22, 2015 and donate today!


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