Ruslana Levandovska: Traditional Oil and Palette Knife Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Painter Ruslana Levandovska displays subliminal sensibilities of the human spirit in all her oil paintings. From passion to sorrow, her traditional paintings are filled with romanticism and nostalgia—and her palette knife paintings are every bit impressionistic and bold.

The vivid, joyous colors in the painting below remind me of the innocence of spring and the feeling that anything is possible as life flows persistently forth from the dark recesses of winter.

Knife painting

Pure, white snow drapes the mountains in the background and is mirrored (literally and figuratively) in the crispness of the natural spring water.

Gently rolling hills, lush and grassy, signify the ability of life to thrive in this beautiful place, while the sky—dynamic and alive—looks like an icy mountain fortress fit for king and queen. The sunlit grass, however, proves that it’s only a matter of time before winter is a distant memory in this place.

In this next painting, a softly-lit stream offers a quiet moment of reflection for bird and human, alike. Both beautiful in their respective ways, they stare absentmindedly into the water, lost in thought together.

oil painting 2

Tall prairie grasses and leafy trees billow outwardly, surrounding the pair in pleasant earthiness. Teal reflections in the water trail off in the distance, then accumulate in the background as a far-off blanket of rain. Meanwhile, the woman’s skirt—white as snow and folding like that of the swan’s feathers—signals that perhaps the duo is not so different, after all.

In Ruslana’s final painting for today, a drizzling rain ignites the prismatic characteristics of street lamps, especially as night falls, and reproduces their brilliant colors on the dampened street.


These rainbow hues (along with the playful way in which Ruslana applied such heavily pigmented color in short, defined strokes) make for a powerful scene. Anyone walking down this street alone will surely be comforted by the beautiful play of light and color accompanying them on their way home.

Don’t miss the rest of Ruslana’s paintings—visit her website today, and enjoy!


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