Holiday Update #5 – Doris Glovier

By admin in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

As we finish up our first week of Holiday Updates, we have an extra special artist that we’d like to revisit. . . Doris Glovier, a former EmptyEasel writer AND an excellent painter in watercolor, oil and pastel.

Picking just one of Doris’s paintings was tough, but I think you’ll enjoy Solitary Fisherman, below, no doubt inspired by Doris’s life on the Delmarva Peninsula.

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Feel free to re-read some of Doris’s excellent tutorials (all of which are still available on EmptyEasel) or take a minute to visit her website and browse the rest of her lovely paintings.

Make sure to come back next Monday for another round of Holiday Updates—we’ve got another full week of artwork for you to enjoy!


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