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Shazia Basheer from the United Kingdom sees the world as a happy and beautiful place full of possibilities. So, it’s not surprising her artwork reflects that same joyful attitude.

“I try to create uplifting paintings that give off a positive and happy vibe to everyone around them,” Shazia says.

A believer in dreaming big, Shazia matches her principles to her artwork, which is huge on whimsy and enchantment. Using palette knives and lots of acrylic paint, she brings magical three-dimensional trees and flowers to life, set in a variety of dreamy landscapes.

In Desert Rose, for example, sand dunes and mirages dance in the distance, showcasing the aching beauty of a minimalist environment.


For every mile of amber sand stretching out into the distance, a blushing sky exists above to accompany it. Tawny washes of color bathe the painting with the warmth of the setting desert sun, which highlights five perfect trees standing together in the open expanse.

Teal City, below, features a very different color palette, yet maintains the same sense of symmetry and focus. Its central shapes are outlined in thick, bronze paint that celebrates the architectural structure of the city’s step-like skyline.


Rich in color and depth, these buildings take on an aged look due to the sporadic, abstract lines which created them. They sit waterside, adding bronze reflections to the water beneath them. By painting her skyline vertically and her river horizontally, Shazia opens up the painting, inviting viewers to come closer as the city unfolds at their feet.

I also found that Shazia is especially skilled at creating intricate dimension within her artwork, which is very apparent in Ice, today’s final painting.


When looking at the painting straight on, I tend to focus solely on the background, which is dark blue around the edges and lightens considerably near the center of the painting. It reminds me of light shining down on a thick patch of ice, distorting any real shapes and hindering the sight of anything down below.

Then, I take in the tree, which stands stiffly upright, as if frozen in place. Light shines down diagonally from the right, highlighting the tree’s perfect, spherical shape. It’s almost as though the tree is cocooned within its own icy haven, protected until springtime when the warm sun will thaw it back to life.

If you’re a tree or flower lover like Shazia is, you’ll probably love every single painting on her website. All her work is available for purchase, and at very reasonable prices, too. . . head on over and take a look!

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