Viktor Tilson: Textured Abstract Oil Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

You wouldn’t know it by looking at his brilliantly colorful, spontaneous artwork, but Viktor Tilson held a formal career in finance for 30 years! Although he isn’t classically trained, Viktor has been painting his entire life, selling his first painting in the mid-1980s and selling more than 600 pieces since 2009.

Do you find the painting below as invigorating as I do? It’s hard not to feel the energy bursting forth, especially from the sunny yellow splotches.

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It’s safe to assume all colors of the rainbow are known and accounted for as we witness refreshing cool tones collide haphazardly with warm variations of red.

Linear marks in the thick paint remind me of miniscule tire treads wreaking havoc among pools of colors on the canvas, mixing and mashing them together with each turn of the vehicle. Then in the background, it’s as if Viktor took a sponge to lightly dab colors into one another, creating a luminous speckled effect.

The end result is kaleidoscopic, prismatic, and completely fascinating.

This next painting reminds me of being outside come nightfall, darkness flowing towards my place on a grassy hill, while above me blue-green skies roil in the last notes of the setting sun.

100 4246a

Amber fields of grass cast as much last-minute reflected light upward as they can, but it’s only a matter of time before the billowing prairie grasses are lit only by a dim-lit moon cloaked in obscurity.

Lastly, I believe it’s the intentional splatters of blue paint that add the maximum amount of colorful chaos to the already charismatic painting below.

100 3485small

There’s a dark burgundy oval near the middle of this painting, with a couple of lines shooting outward and breaking the painting into four vague sections. It’s like an intense whirlpool of color. . . each one spins around and clashes with another, creating beautiful eddies of red and orange until nothing else is left but smudges.

Watercolor, acrylic and oil—you name it, Viktor’s got it. But don’t take my word for it—see for yourself on his website today!


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