The Road Less Traveled: An Inspirational Photography Project on Kickstarter

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Until I stumbled across the Road Less Traveled Kickstarter project I didn’t realize how I rarely experienced photography of children with special needs. So today, I want to take a minute to add awareness to an important issue in many people’s lives.

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The founders of this project, AlisaMarie and Steve Hanks of Sons & Daughters Photography, have put together a plan to tour cross-country, interviewing and photographing children with special needs and their families. The result will be a collection of stories and photographs pulled into a coffee table book.

Formerly high school sweethearts with a passion for living life to the fullest, AlisaMarie and Steve will be the first to tell you they “dance to the beat of their own drum.” They have two lovely children, the youngest recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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“It opened our eyes and hearts to a world that we really didn’t know much about,” they said. “It ignited a passion in us, not only to learn about special needs, but to share the inspiring stories that we have continually come across”.

With the tour and book, the Hanks hope to achieve several goals. . . they hope to celebrate children with special needs for who they are, to educate people on the topic of special needs, and to inspire all who come in contact with it. They also want to capture the victories and the trials of these families, while comforting them with the knowledge that they are not alone.

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The Road Less Traveled project has a monetary goal of $12,000, and still needs a good portion of that amount to be successfully funded. If you would like to support this wonderful project please visit A Road Less Traveled on Kickstarter prior to Wednesday, December 24, 2014 and make your own donation.


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