Introducing Taggd’ Mobile: A Celebration of Street Art

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static. There are no rules. -Raymond Salvatore Harmon, BOMB: A Manifesto of Art Terrorism

Street art is constantly changing. One day it’s there and the next it’s gone. But there’s a unique beauty to this fleeting art form, and it’s something that Brenden Fitzgerald is driven to capture through the development of Taggd’ Mobile, an app designed to photograph, geotag and share street art from around the world.


Taggd’ Mobile celebrates contemporary street artists by giving permanence to their work. Taggd’ users can take photos of their local street art and share it with the world, as well as follow individual artists, favorite other’s images, and purchase prints of their favorite walls.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, since street art is ever-changing, Taggd’ allows users to experience how a particular wall transforms over time, as one artwork covers another.


Fitzgerald believes that art on the wall can be just as inspiring as art in a frame. He states that “street art is all around us, but often goes unnoticed.” Capturing these images via the app serves as a reminder to stop and enjoy the beauty in front of us, as well as share the incredible works of art with others.

The Taggd’ Mobile project on Kickstarter has a monetary goal of $14,000, but at this point only a little over $3,000 has been raised. If you would like to support this innovative project and help conserve an important part of street art culture please visit the link above prior to Sunday, November 9, 2014.


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