Sticky Page Markers: Page Tabs for the Young at Heart

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

Have you ever seen something amazing, yet kind of obvious, and said to yourself, “Wow, I wish I had thought of that!”?

Designer Duncan Shotton actually does think of those things, and then creates them for the world to enjoy. From Loch Ness thumbtacks to tape dispensers that looks like cassette tapes, Shotton is continually rethinking everyday items. And his current Kickstarter project, Sticky Page Markers, showcases yet another common household item in a whimsical way

We’re all familar with normal page markers—they look like little yellow rectangles sticking up from the top of a book. But imagine a city skyline, or a group of rainbows and fluffy clouds popping out of your book, rather than a collection of boring tabs.


(And this is where I hit my forehead and think “I wish I would have thought of that!”)

“When we find something [in a book] that’s important, inspiring, or just worth sharing, it’s useful to flag the page for quick reference later,” states Shotton.

As you can see, he then took this idea of identifying importance one step further by looking at these markers, or sticky notes, as smaller pieces of a larger collection—and making each collection as fantastic and interesting as possible.


Now, in case you’re wondering, this young award-winning British designer is already well-experienced in the product design world. Shotton’s first Kickstarter campaign, titled “Rainbow Pencils” was successfully funded in 2013, and he’s launched additional products independently, so he’s no stranger to the Kickstarter world.


The goal of this current project is to “help raise the capital to invest in set-up fees, meet minimum production volume requirements and gauge future demand.” Everyone who invests is essentially making a pre-order, and will receive these lovely sticky note collections in return.

The Sticky Page Marker project has a monetary goal of £19,240, and has already surpassed that mark—so there’s no risk of the project not being funded. Luckily, it’s not too late to be a part of it, either. :) Just make sure to visit the Sticky Page Markers Kickstarter page before October 15th to get your own collection!


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