Art Therapy Pedalers: Make Art. Feel Good.

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” As artists, you and I know he was right—art is magical. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to it.

Enter Robert Caswell and Holly Wherry, two art therapists with a very unique idea: bringing art to the masses by biking across the country. They’ve even created a Kickstarter fundraising campaign titled Art Therapy Pedalers to help make it happen.


Caswell and Wherry are amazing people, fully capable of such an adventure. Both are registered art therapists and avid bikers—Caswell specializes in working with adults with mental illness, while Wherry (who also runs the occasional marathon) specializes in trauma recovery for children and recently developed an art therapy program in Chennai, India.

Their interactive adventure will begin in Wherry’s birthplace, Lime Springs, Iowa and end in Caswell’s birthplace of New Orleans, Louisiana, following the Mississippi River Trail. With a mobile art therapy studio tagging behind, they will visit libraries, cafes, and communities centers to make art with others. Some events will be planned, other will not, but in the end they hope to connect with a variety of people and impact many lives.

Best of all, this project doesn’t end when Caswell and Wherry roll into New Orleans. There will be a finished book, filled with photos, sketches, and stories, and the artwork created throughout their journey will be “recognized and celebrated in an art exhibit in New Orleans. This exhibit will include photos, artwork, and a collaborative piece of art that represents one inch for every mile we ride.”

The Art Therapy Pedalers project has a monetary goal of $6,000, and as of today, is just over halfway completed. If you would like to help finish their funding, please visit the Art Therapy Pedalers Kickstarter page before Wednesday, August 6, 2014 and make your donation.

Remember—every little bit helps! Whether you want to give $10 or $400, your donation will be responsible for bringing the magic of art to others.


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