Richard Stone: Stunningly Lifelike Portrait Paintings in Oil

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

London-based painter Richard Stone is also a musician, so it makes sense that many of his portraits are influenced by musicians from decades past. Starting in 2001, Richard began working on a series of large mural commission pieces for private homes, bars, salons and hotels in England, Denmark, Spain and India. Nowadays, he creates similar work for shops and restaurants in and around London.

Let’s take a look at his work, shall we?

The sepia hues in John Lennon give this oil painting an aged, worn look like it’s a photograph that’s been pressed between the pages of a book for 30 years.

John Lennon

Some of John’s finer facial details appear worn off, which I absolutely love—the fading of his portrait into the background sends us back in time. There’s a look in John’s eyes I can’t place, but his concentrated stare is quite unnerving.

Richard plays with sharp and soft lines in this portrait, which allows John’s glasses—and in turn, his eyes—to become the focal point of the painting, especially when compared to the contrast of his slightly fuzzy features and the tendrils of smooth hair curling around his forehead.

Breakfast at Burger King shows Richard’s sense of humor and playful creativity. It’s another contrast, this time relating to beautiful, sophisticated Audrey Hepburn in a cheap, fast food restaurant—a play on the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Although I’m not familiar with the movie, I imagine she should instead be in an elegant, upscale restaurant in Manhattan. Her smile and posture seem to indicate her indifference to where she is at, as long as she is with a loved one.

This portrait is a bit different than Richard’s others because he spent a lot of time detailing the background, which (I think) gives us a lot of insight into his own view of the movie, as well as on Audrey and her shining, offbeat personality and charming characteristics.

While Charlie Harper may take center stage during his concerts, it’s the way the light reflects off of him that grabs my attention in this painting.

Charlie Harper

Charlie’s blond hair shines nearly white in the bright glow of the lights, which beat down directly on him, darkening all surroundings. It’s a moment of excitement and passion frozen forever in time—you can tell he’s putting everything into his performance, just as Richard did with the details in this portrait.

Whether it’s pottery, watercolor, oil or illustration, Richard excels at all of it. Visit his website today and check out the rest of his must-see works of art, including his Casablanca mural, his temple landscape and any of his animal portraits.


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