WOODSHOP: A Kickstarter Project for Aspiring Wood Artisans

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

When my husband and I were first married we lived in an apartment. This small space did not hamper his passion to build amazing pieces of furniture, so, lacking a woodshop of his own, he befriended those that had tools so he could expand his creative carpentry prowess.

Of course, it was never easy working with another’s schedule or being limited by the tools they had available. How happy he would have been with a facility like WOODSHOP, which Floridian Billy McCreary is attempting to start (through Kickstarter) for aspiring wood artisans.

“WOODSHOP is just that, a wood-working shop. Exactly what some of us had in high school. Only WOODSHOP is open to the public on a membership basis. WOODSHOP will offer members all the tools necessary to finish professional grade furniture and many other useful items.”

This is not an ordinary workshop. Besides providing the necessary tools, additional perks like educational classes will be integral to the user’s experience. This important component will not only include speakers sharing their skills in wood working craft, but will also make sure each member is well-versed in passing an annual safety competency test.

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to help fund tabletop, electric and hand tools, as well as a paint booth and finishing area. It will also help fund a library which will include popular woodworking magazines, books, and blue prints.

To assist with additional learning and networking, this campaign will also fund a lounge area where members can interact and collaborate.


WOODSHOP has a large monetary goal of $250,000, and will need a lot of donors to become a reality If you would like to support this amazing project please visit its Kickstarter page prior to Thursday, June 5, 2014. A successful funding could help build many future WOODSHOPS all across the country!


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