Sara Paxton: Large-scale Landscape Paintings in Oil

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Right at first glance, Sara Paxton’s artwork fascinates. A full-time artist for more than 10 years, Sara works both in oils on a large scale, and with printed inks and watercolors.

Because her range of tools is so diverse, she is able to produce striking paintings starting with soft, translucent washes and finishing with brilliantly bold, texturized layers of paint applied with a palette knife. The look is one that is out of this world! Her paintings are free-flowing and energetic, and always filled with light and life.

Take a look at this first painting, for example. Gorgeous plumes of vivid turquoise and yellow spread outward behind a vibrant bouquet of blossoms. Such a dense cluster of florals offers protection for each individual flower as they combine together to form one solid, fragrant spray of yellow, red, pink and white.


Further down that thicket of greenery, a rich purple shadow brings even more dimensionality to the painting. Sara alternates between finely detailed leaves and abstract watery ones which creates an incredible amount of diversity and intrigue, as well as integrating the bouquet with the saturated look and feel of the background.

In this second painting by Sara, dramatic storm clouds engulf the sky, racing across it in a heavy roar. Breaking through the clouds is a ray of light that offers a symbol of hope to the sodden atmosphere.


Almost as ominous as the storm is the dry prairieland waiting anxiously below, where brown and yellow grasses suggest a long-term drought. In the distance, colorful trees create a haven of color, stretching longingly toward the light.

I find myself looking at this painting in two ways. Either the rainclouds will offer renewal to the parched land, or lightning is poised to start a dangerous fire that is sure to envelop the entire arid countryside. Inevitably, however, life will come again, bringing with it a chance to start anew.

Last but not least, this final painting is simply luminous. Sunlight shines down on the field, setting it afire with a radiant glow, while brilliant hints of sapphire hint at a stream meandering through the meadow, leading the eye towards distant hills.


In the sky, beautiful colors form what look like holes in the canvas, itself. Their sharp colors add an intensity to the sky that perfectly counteracta the soft cloud formations around them.

And if you’re like me, three works of art by Sara aren’t enough to satisfy! Head over to her website to see more of her wonderful creations!


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