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Cecilia Rosslee: Impressionistic Light-filled Oil Paintings

Although South African artist Cecilia Rosslee now resides in California, both of her sunny homes are surely inspiration for her light-filled oil paintings.

Her work brings interior and exterior locations to life, as well as reflecting some of her favorite things and people. With clients that include the ever-famous Planet Hollywood and Sun International Hotels, Cecilia has already found success on a global scale, and her artwork continues to appeal!

Playful, colorful and a touch whimsical, The Corkscrew, seen below, brings back memories of fabulous conversation over even more excellent wine in a Corkscrew establishment not far from where I live.


Friends re-connect as dappled sunlight washes over their skin, while just above, gorgously-textured leaves rustle softly in a light breeze. Bright umbrellas celebrate the arrival of summer, as do the sandals, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses protecting patrons from a cloudless, perfect day.

Even more bright, summer greenery and vibrant flowers decorate the lovely Viridian Summer luncheon laid out below. Crisp fruit glistens with juicy appeal as the sun beats down above, yet even so, subtle hints of blue in the vase and in shadows splayed across the table cool the mid-afternoon heat.


A delicately detailed wooden chair and sturdy fence stretch the length of the scene in the background, tying it all together, and reminding me of the book, The Secret Garden. . . a lush spot, radiantly sheltered by nature, a place to call your own.

Last but not least, in Five Minutes Peace as the sun sets on another day, a woman sits luxuriously in a tall, comfortable chair, bathed in sunlight as she reads.


The house fades behind the woman and all attention is cast on her as we witness a rare moment of tranquility. I can almost feel how relaxed she is as I see her sandals slipping unnoticed from her feet.

Altogether, it’s a moment that is almost palpable. . . it’s as if I can actually feel her slipping into sleep. In this moment, you can sense her vulnerability, her grace, and her femininity.

Cecilia’s has many more lovely paintings available on her website, so if you have a moment today, I encourage you to take a look and find relaxation and rejuvination in the beauty of her work.

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