Yuri Pysar: Lavish Impressionistic Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Ukrainian artist Yuri Pysar may be young, but his emotive, impressionistic paintings reveal the many years he’s spent enthusiastically pursuing his passion.

Yuri’s artistic lessons first began in his native town of Rakhiv, where he studied from local artist M. Vorokhta. He majored in painting at the Institute of Art in Ivano-Frankivsk, and while there, began forming his own signature style which can clearly be seen in his work today.

Recently, Yuri has been inspired by the complexity of the human figure, and in particular, the beauty of movement and the female form, as shown in the graceful stance of this first ballerina below.


The elegance of this tulle-filled painting lingers in your mind, even after you look away. Its light-as-a-dream background mimics the softness of the dancer’s skin, and the many folds of her tutu, as the dancer strikes and holds a pose that is simultaneously soft and strong.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to bring to a still life painting is its own sense of uniqueness. Yuri’s classic (yet contemporary) fruit, tapestry and flower composition seen below is brought to life in a dazzling and exhilarating display of bold color, unexpected texture and masterful depth.


A brazenly orange tablecloth is draped dramatically over the table, supporting a pot of overflowing wildflowers and a tart, plump lemon. A variety of pastel colors make an appearance in the scene’s backdrop, settling into what space there is left in this lively painting, successfully balancing the robust color scheme with softer hues.

After the two successful paintings above, it’s probably no surprise that Yuri also excels at painting impressionistic landscapes. Here, a thick abstract cluster of woodland brush surrounds and shades a stagnant stream, which slowly meanders deeper into the painting.


Large rocks lay here and there along the riverbank, showing a surprising amount of detail, which I think adds a fun contrast to the more abstract greenery. Another unexpected element is the introduction of bold, teal-colored leaves, which add a lovely brightness to an otherwise earthy palette.

I love all of Yuri’s experimentation with color and the human form, and I know you will too! Check out all the rest of his latest paintings at his website today!


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