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Michael Cartwright: Traditional and Quirky Australian Landscape Paintings

Living on the southern coast of Western Australia gives professional landscape painter Michael Cartwright a vast array of delightful scenery to paint from. In this area, whimsical scenic towns collide with traditional local history, perfectly explaining where both of Michael’s plein air and quirky styles derive from.

In Gulls by the River a feathery tree line denotes miles of bountiful greenery which surrounds and adds a captivating sense of secrecy to this waterfront. Seagulls flit to and fro over manmade docks, searching for leftover crumbs and fish and disturbing an otherwise tranquil, still landscape.

Gulls by the River

Michael has an easygoing way of illustrating the natural existence of this blissful place through his gentle, soft brushstrokes and earthy, pastel hues. It’s clear this is an oasis to visit for relaxation and enjoyment, and even simply viewing the painting yields a calming effect.

Fishermen’s Shacks, seen below, were no doubt painted as amusedly and haphazardly as they were constructed in real life.

Fishermen's Shacks

This colorful painting is rich with good cheer and happy-go-luckiness. Yes, Michael’s quirky Australiana paintings are quite a bit different from his traditional landscapes, yet they offer a charming representation of the real world, almost as if we are looking at it through rose-colored glasses.

From a unique vantage point, this composition is a reminder to enjoy the little things in life—to not get caught up in its complexities and routines. It is demonstrated best in the rolling hills giving way to crooked paths, twirling trees and disconnected fencing, all of which have no true agenda.

Lastly, in Denmark Neighbours flowers bloom and blossom from lush gardens beside a dusty, honey-hued pathway.

Denmark Neighbours

Dotted along the trail are cottages as friendly-looking and vibrant as the surrounding foliage—foliage that doesn’t hesitate to make itself at home as it takes over. White picket fences are more of dapper lawn décor than functional fencing, while brightly-colored roofs mimic the brightness of the flowers and contrast strikingly against the cornflower blue of the sea.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional country landscapes or prefer scenes with a uniquely whimsical twist, Michael has many more paintings in both styles on his website. Check it out now!

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