Desiree Rose Zaslow: Soft-spoken, Figurative Portrait Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

New Jersey oil painter Desiree Rose Zaslow knows a fabulous secret: it’s those quiet moments during ordinary events that quite often make the best compositions.

Like any painter, Desiree strives to capture the essence of a moment and bring it to life in her paintings. . . but it’s her modern, fresh style combined with a soft, classical elegance that give her work its truly unique charm.

Everyday actions and moments aren’t overlooked by Desiree; instead, they take on special, symbolic meaning in her expressive portraits.

Take for example, the boy in Baseball, seen below. He chews on a blade of grass, hunched down low as he awaits the next play with as much attention as a small boy can muster.


Whether he is catching or waiting patiently on base to throw someone out, his face—shielded with his large hat—shows total concentration. Through this muddied, grass-stained youngster Desiree managed to paint the essence of boyhood and America’s favorite pastime.

In Woman Longing, the subject wears dark clothing that fits her mood and the color of her heart. . . and yet that sadness becomes her.


Just as delicate as the powdery fragility of the flower she holds in her hands are her feminine curves, jewelry, and tendrils of hair falling from her chignon.

Her flushed skin tone screams out her radiant health and beauty, yet her youth is lost to her as she stares yearningly out the window for something she may never have, yet will wait years for. This is an impressionistic piece that contains more questions than answers, but is achingly beautiful in its minimalistic, mysterious nature.

Lastly, in Wedding Bliss the groom slides a ring carefully onto his bride’s finger, his happiness as apparent as hers as she gleefully accepts.


Bliss truly does surround these two lovebirds, draped in robes of red representative of love and devotion. The formality of the occasion demands they keep respectful distance, the festive, colorful garb suggests celebration and passion, while the cream-colored wall and underlying robes appeal to tradition, reverence and purity.

If you’d like to view more of Desiree’s beautiful, figurative portraits, head over to her website and take a look around; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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