Sandy Nelson: Idyllic Landscapes and Seascapes in Oil

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Artist, teacher, award winner, and avid traveler. . . oil painter Sandy Nelson is a jack of all trades who grew up in eastern Kentucky and now lives and paints in North Carolina.

“My work is not edgy nor avant-garde; it doesn’t follow fads or trends—it is simply truth, as I perceive it. That is what I hope the viewer takes away with them.” Sandy said.

Sandy’s first painting, entitled Le Bateau de Jardin, is the epitome of every girl’s fantasy. It’s romantic, it’s dreamy and it’s set in a fairytale world we would all like to believe exists.


A plethora of pastel hues makes this painting soft and elegant, while the water shimmers with a pearlescent sheen. The water’s limpid reflection allows me to dive even deeper into this gorgeous place, which—with its abundant flowers—must smell as heavenly as it appears.

The title High-Ways describes this next painting perfectly, where seabirds fly along their invisible, memorized paths high up in the sky. The scene is simple, yet strikingly beautiful, with a surprising amount of detail behind each tree frond and feather.


It’s a painting in motion, and its depth makes me feel like I’m right there experiencing the scene in person as the birds’ wings unfold in front of me.

Blue Water on the other hand catches the tranquil blues and turquoise of the ocean and tosses them playfully into the air. The shadows underneath each wave indicate a cool darkness, and a wet mystery that beckons hot feet to come closer.


As the sea departs from the beach, it leaves behind hundreds of shimmery streams making their way across the sand. I can almost smell the salt in the air, feel the wind whipping my hair across my face, and hear the fury and strength behind each wave.

Sandy also has a number of portraits, still lifes, and sporting artwork, which are well-worth exploring. Visit her website now to learn more.


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