Mehran Rashidfarokhy: Sophisticated Cityscapes and Landscapes in Oil

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

With more than 25 years of artistic experience, Mehran Rashidfarokhy has traveled throughout Europe and the United States and painted some of the world’s most sophisticated, natural and awe-inspiring wonders.

Today, we’ll take a look at a few of his impressionistic city and landscape scenes, starting with a place where the streets bustle with chic people, classic architecture and plenty of colorful cafes—Paris!

paris cafes

In Paris Cafes, springtime lavender and soft yellow pair together perfectly, just like the well-dressed men in suits and the women in the season’s latest fashions.

With dashes of unexpected color jauntily placed atop the scene’s flurry of activity, the excitement and romance of a modern-day city full of antiquity is rendered perfectly through Mehran’s expert brushstrokes.

And from the city to the country, Mehran’s brushwork continues to amaze. The thickly-layered paint seen in Sunflowers below makes it impossible to separate even a single flower from the composition.


Hundreds of speckles and dabs in this painting create an atmosphere full of life and bursting with a carefree happiness. Even though you can see for miles, I’m sure there was nowhere else Mehran wanted to be while he was painting this piece.

Mehran continues to express his strong impressionistic style in Winding Lane, but what I enjoy most about this last painting is the rough, dense texture of the wildflowers and plants in the foreground, and the way that the texture becomes so much smoother and softer as the landscape falls away into the distance.

winding lane

If you love these paintings, then you must take a minute to view the rest of Mehran’s work on his website, especially his post-impressionistic landscapes. With their vivid color palettes, thick paint application, and basic geometric shapes, these elementally-structured paintings are something you won’t want to miss.


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