Adriana Guidi: Impressionist Oil Paintings with Flair

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Californian painter Adriana Guidi originally didn’t know what kind of career she wanted growing up. As a kid, she embraced artwork as a fun-filled, challenging hobby. When her love for it never waned, Adriana began to think in terms of a lifelong career in the creative field.

“I realized this is all I really want to do. I love capturing a mood or a character and making it come to life,” she said.

Adriana’s paintings are (for the most part) impressionist in style, yet they still contain sections of precision. Take the painting below. The distinct shape of the Pepsi logo in the distance and the plaid patterned shirt on the left are just two instances of perfect clarity in a very busy and dynamic piece.

mels ny my painting2

I do admire that Adriana is able to draw a line in the sand where she wants that amount of detail to end. The flowing shadows and strangely curved shapes that make up the larger-than-life billboards (not to mention the clusters of motion-blurred people) keep the painting exciting, and give it an air of bustling lightheartedness.

In this next painting, thickly-applied paint gives the foliage a very realistic-looking texture, but as might be expected, there’s a lot less movement than in the city scene above. Here, it’s the colors that make the painting come alive.


Pretty white and purple hues blend into each other haphazardly, making it unclear where exactly the house ends and the pathway begins. Shielded by a thick canopy of trees, this magazine-ready home with its brilliant orange shutters and bright blue windows provides the perfect focal point amidst the shadowy vegetation.

Last of all, the fantastic color combination of auburn and blue in After Dinner Coffee just thrills me to pieces.

after dinner coffee good one 2011

The table is warm and rich, while the shadows of the coffee cup, saucer and spoon almost leave me shivering with cool indifference. And possibly the most interesting aspect of this painting is the depth found in its deepest curve of the spoon. . . the way the light reflects off of it makes it seem miles deep.

Adriana’s blog is home to many other gorgeous paintings, as well as colored pencil, watercolor, pastels, and more. I guarantee it’s worth a visit, so make time to stop by today and check it out.


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