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Ivan A. Tomicic: Tranquil Cityscapes and Landscapes

Croatian oil painter Ivan A. Tomicic has an affinity for peaceful, soothing landscapes, so it’s no surprise that he settled down in the beautiful Hawaiian islands—with all that tropical scenery, how can you be anything BUT inspired?

Take Maui Golfer, for instance. A vast pink and blue sky casts shadowed spells over the course, giving one lone golfer the view of a lifetime. (Notice the sunlight breaking through the clouds, providing a seemingly magical pathway of light which leads directly towards the hole.)

maui golfer

Hunched over with a renewed sense of focus in his game, we see the golfer preparing to make his move. The open topography and soft colors in the painting lend themselves completely to the true spirit of golfing, which is built around quiet, calm and calculated skill.

Moving on to Ivan’s next painting, Interni also evokes a sense of tranquility, albeit in a different way.


Here we see an ancient tunnel framing a man engrossed in his daily newspaper. All around, faint glimpses of street signs and deep, detailed cracks in the stonework add subtle authenticity to the scene.

Lastly, in Early Morning at Rovinji, clouds and water blend seamlessly at the horizon, creating a mesmerizing perspective that seems to go on forever.

Early Morning at Rovinj

Buildings and boat alike stand out from the sea of blue, visually pushed forward by their warmer hues against the all-encompassing blue. If it weren’t for their masterfully-painted rippling reflections, they’d seem to be floating in a strange, otherworldly location. As it is, the overwhelming sense of peace and quiet is breathtaking—it truly does seem like an extraordinary place.

If you’d like to see more of Ivan’s stunning oil and watercolor paintings, please make sure to visit his website.

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Oil painter Mary Erickson has been creating beautiful nature scenes full-time since 1993. Her studios in Venice, FL and Marshville, NC pay homage to her lifelong passion, devotion and respect for marine environs and shorebirds.

Preferring to paint en plein air, many of Mary’s days begin on location before sunrise and end after sunset.. . . read more

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