Anatoliy Rozhansky: Classic Portraits Combined with Symbolic Abstraction

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Russian-born painter Anatoliy Rozhansky knows that we live in a world of material things, and yet he recognizes that no matter what the object may be, each carries with it certain meanings, feelings and sentiments.

As a result, Anatoliy strives to combine his realistically painted objects and portraits with some surprisingly abstract elements—making a visual connection to the hidden meanings and feelings of his subject matter.

For example, take a look at this first painting by Anatoliy below. For me, the abstract elements evoke feelings of fiery resolve and offers up hints of elegant prestige.

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Anatoliy’s languid, fine-tuned brushstrokes (which manage to convey every detail of the woman’s face) are a nice contrast with the energetic, loose strokes and lively colors competing for attention behind her.

This woman is the perfect picture of refinement, calmly holding up her teacup—as well as her chin—in a controlled, serious manner. Even though the abstract flames in the background seem threateningly close, her dignity and steadfast resolve give homage to the phrase “courage under fire.”

Anatoliy’s next painting is beautiful and a bit otherworldly as well. There actually seems to be a light radiating from the lumpy, age-worn trunk of the tree, which quickly becomes the focal point of the painting.

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Its many twisted limbs and distorted angularity make this tree appear ancient, yet it still produces a radiant crown of blossoms, stretching out towards the blue and white sky on gnarled branches.

This too, seems to be another form of courage. . . persistence, in the face of age.

Last but not least, two powerful colors—yellow and blue—vie for dominance in the painting below. This painting features a young woman, eyes shielded by an enormous hat which takes the form of at least two tall houses.

cactusoil on canvas80x60cm20047 20061120 1946983039

In her hand she holds a bright green cactus, while a dusky cloud of orange particles swirl around the woman, infiltrating and masking the brilliant blue of her outfit.

She seems to be gesturing with her right hand, or possibly calling to someone in the distance. After several minutes of studying, I think she is capable of seeing or sensing something that we will never be able to comprehend. . .

To see more intriguing paintings by Anatoliy Rozhansky, please visit his website.


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