Dianne Panarelli Miller: Painting East Coast Charm Directly on Canvas

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Perhaps the “P” in Dianne Panarelli Miller’s name should stand for “persistence”. . . because neither an infection in her painting hand, nor a chronic neck injury triggered by her time at the easel has stopped this Boston, Massachusetts oil painter from doing what she loves.

With a mastery of artistic technique developed through 20 years of vigorous study and practice, Dianne paints from life, developing her own voice and style through a harmony of color and design. She strives to combine impressionist color with good drawing, sound composition and skillful paint handling.

Aptly named Bliss, the painting below was taken from Hingham Harbor, where Dianne frequently boats. “I just love the spiritual feeling you get from this painting,” she said. “I call it “Bliss” because you know the people in the sailboat are feeling that!”


Bliss, indeed. . . brilliant sunlight beaming through cotton-ball clouds creates the sparkle of a million diamonds over those rhythmic, steady waves. The vibrancy of that perfect day—and perfect moment—is perfectly captured in the jeweled tones of the water and vast rays of the sun stretching from sea to shining sea.

Dianne’s skill at capturing a moment translates to her still life paintings as well, such as this one titled Bag of Apples. Red and green mix together to form a delicious visual tartness, set against a warm/cold background of red and blue.


The fragility of the thin brown paper bag is already well-illustrated through its notched edges and shadowy creases. . . but add to that a worn handle, and it’s easy to see the true weight of the bounty of apples contained within.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with one more beach scene complete with waterlogged sand, frothy waves and throngs of beachgoers yearning for a heated kiss from the sun.


This particular beach is one of Dianne’s favorites, and it’s easy to see why. With miles of soft sand stretching toward the sky, there’s a peaceful vibe to this location that I can relate to just by viewing the painting.

I love that each figure on the beach is made up of only a few colors and a basic outline. . . it’s as if I were right there, squinting down the coastline with a hand shielding my eyes from the sun’s strong rays, unable to make out any more than that.

Cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, still lifes—if you can name it, you can bet Dianne has painted it. Please check out the rest of her extensive portfolio here.


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