William Beebe – Painting in the Details

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Virginia-based oil painter William Beebe is an old soul who appreciates the beauty of places and objects that have withstood the test of time. After 21 years of evolving as an artist, his highly-detailed, representational work ranges from refined and crisp to painterly and impressionistic.

Case in point, this first painting, entitled Colmar, France, surely brings to life the cheerful, bustling personality of Colmar in the summertime—and as you’ll notice, it does so in a nearly pointillist style.


William’s lofty clouds are full of vibrant dashes of color, which mimic the bright clusters of foliage sprouting abundantly over man-made fences. And of course, in the dappled waterway, a similar impressionist blending of colors appears.

Compositionally speaking, each building along the water’s edge guides me further into the painting. . . a pleasant visual tour which gives me a real sense of what Colmar is all about.

In William’s next painting, The Heritage cuts sharply through waves as clear and smooth as glass. Every shadow and highlight seen on each rolling wave artfully shows William’s expert take on realism.


An endless sky gives way to an uncharted ocean full of possibility and adventure. . . just by gazing on those jeweled blues and greens, I can almost taste and hear the crystal cold, salty ocean water lapping and splashing against the hull of the Heritage.

Finally (if you weren’t sure before) I think this last painting demonstrates once and for all how carefully William studies each element within his compositions.


From the multitude of tree branches to each pane of glass, William has put all his efforts into re-creating the miniscule details of this scene. And—in the distance—his love of boats doesn’t go unnoticed, as triangular sails can be seen coasting quietly through the water.

If you liked the paintings above, then make sure to check out all of William Beebe’s work (including many more maritime pieces) at his website.


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