Jeremy Price: Commuting through Paint

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Each day, our lives require us to move from one place to another. But instead of dreading it, Jeremy Price actually enjoys capturing this whirlwind of cars, bikes, and pedestrians through his amazing oil paintings.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Jeremy currently lives in Montreal. With a degree from the Vancouver Film School’s 3D animation program, he is presently a 3D artist in the videogame industry. Interestingly, his ability to create movement through animation displays itself in his talent as a painter, too.

rue mcgill

For the most part, Jeremy chooses subjects which define his own, personal view of the city—often a mix of childhood memories and new experiences. His images are straightforward, however, depicting what he describes as “the stagings of the day, of commuting, of living.”

In addition, all of his paintings also share one thing in common. . . they are all fleeting moments, and remind us of how life moves by so quickly.

st catherines

Jeremy’s paintings actually feel like a snapshot in time. He evokes this feeling through his ability to “focus” certain subjects in his paintings, while allowing the rest of the scene to blur out, like in the image above.

The bicycle is crisp and clear in the foreground, while the background is still moving and a little blurred. His color choices also enhance this effect, with brighter colors up close and duller ones in the distance. It’s a beautiful technique, and I love how his brushstrokes become a soft, yet very visible texture throughout all of his work.


This last scene, with lines of commuting vehicles, is one of my favorites. There’s just something incredibly powerful about the movement of hundreds of cars on this wide road. By using neutral, subtle colors like grays and greens, the focus is all on the bustle and energy of the city.

I invite you all to visit Jeremy’s website to experience more of life’s fleeting moments, and possibly to view your commute in a different light.


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