Diane Hoeptner: Poetic Floral Paintings

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Poetry is the art of rhythmical composition—written or spoken—which explores beautiful, imaginative, and elevated thoughts. In my opinion, this also describes the lovely floral oil paintings of Diane Hoeptner.

Diane first started her career in the arts as an animator for video games and film, before eventually dedicating her talents full-time to painting. Within a year she had won numerous awards and now has her work in many corporate collections. Perhaps even more exciting is that two of her recent poppy paintings will be test-marketed by Target before the end of 2010.


In all of her paintings, Diane tries to push her floral compositions to another level through her use of strong brushstrokes and careful consideration of light and dark. And as you can see, these aren’t typical paintings of flowers. . .

Diane’s ultimate goal is to achieve a feeling of balance, abundance, color harmony and peace in every painting. As a result they feel much more more “solid” and stable than most floral paintings we’re used to.


Each of Diane’s compositions also combines simplicity with detail. I love that she chooses patterned tablecloths, mixed with elegant vases, then topped with austere floral bouquets. But the real magic is in her soft, yet strong handling of the paint. There is something mesmerizing about capturing a flower with just a few broad strokes.

And in this last painting, just by limiting her palette to warm tones, Diane created something that makes you feel just as happy as a warm summer day. As always, her boldly-painted flowers are the focal point, but the surrounding fruit and tablecloth add a touch of detail and elegance too.


I invite you all to visit Diane’s website at DianeHoeptner.com as well as her art blog to experience more of her poetic floral paintings.


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