Robin Mitchell: Committed to Art

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

There are many people that enjoy creating, but we all do it at different levels of commitment. Robin Mitchell is one artist truly devoted to creating beautiful oil paintings—on a daily basis.

For those who think they don’t have time to create an exquisite image daily, imagine working 40 hours a week at one job, then dedicating yourself to another upon return home. This is the life of a daily painter and one in which Robin perseveres.

Currently living in Ontario, Canada, Robin paints small format (6″ x 6″) oil paintings each day. This daily ritual fulfills several goals, including refining his painting skills, tracking his skill progress, and providing calmness and relaxation to his life. It also allows him to post paintings daily online, and create an ongoing market for his work.


One of Robin’s favorite subjects is people. He strives to capture the faces of people going about their daily lives, and any mood or feeling that surrounds them. His compositions stay close in to the face so there is no question about focus. The smiles, sorrows, and questioning glares become the painting’s story.


Using water-based oil paints Robin has the ability to work quickly, since the drying process is faster than typical oils. This rapid approach does not diminish the emotions pouring from each piece—rather, it enhances them. Quick, sure brushstrokes (combined with an impressive control over light and dark) gives a simple sensitivity to each painting. The painting below showcases Robin’s abilities perfectly.


Please take a moment to visit Robin’s daily painting blog and explore the many personalities he has captured through his commitment to art.


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