Jelaine Faunce: Creating Sensory Magic in Oil Paintings

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Art is a very sensory experience . . . so much so, that some artists even seem to convey smells, tastes, and textures through their images alone. I think you’ll agree that Jelaine Faunce is one such artist.

Jelaine graduated from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas with a BA in Art. Now, she works meticulously to create exquisite oil paintings that you can almost taste. . . and for the past few years Jelaine’s subjects have been objects that make her feel good, creative, alive and happy: things like detailed tea cups, frosted cupcakes, lustrous coins, and sweet sugar cubes.

Her style is inspired by chiaroscuro, so she strives for as much contrast between shadow and light as possible. This contrast, paired with her luminous colors and reflections, is what makes her work stand out.


Jelaine’s oil painting process is quite time consuming and meticulous. She paints in very fine layers, sometimes up to 20 in her final pieces. Her goal is to eliminate all brushstrokes. A fan brush and a steady hand create the “deliciously creamy” surface on all her images.

jasmine tea

These highly realistic paintings always have simple compositions and subject matter, and yet, although simplicity is at their core, her subjects are never boring.

Sometimes Jelaine even injects subtle humor, like in the image below titled “Choosing One over the Other”. Not only can I not decide between the cake and gift, but I can’t decide which of Jelaine’s paintings is the most captivating overall.

choosing one

Currently, Jelaine is starting to shift into a new vein of work that is more personal, and will be launching a new website within the next month. I encourage you to take a peek at her blog, then watch for some exciting changes in the near future.


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