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By David Lorenz Winston in Misc > Art Opinion

Once upon a time I loved to travel. This was before gasoline prices soared, Americans became unpopular in far too many places, and flying lost much of its appeal.

My journeys were sparked by a desire to photograph unfamiliar places with the wonder that comes from experiencing cultures for the first time.

Airport-Moment 2649

Coming across one appealing picture in a foreign landscape would often be enough to get my juices going, and in no time I’d be flying to a new destination in an effort to capture its essence.

These travels brought challenges of orienting myself to new languages and culture, as well as the intermittent loneliness that comes with traveling alone. But, I also stumbled upon moments of bliss and inspiration that taught me lessons I still cherish today.

Runway 8052

Despite the fascination that comes with experiencing things abroad, I’ve come to realize my favorite images have been taken here, in our own backyard. . . where life is not as alluring, and creating new work seems to be at odds with everything else that needs to be done.

Baskets-in-Fog 0857

No matter how many tasks come up at home, I make sure to get out often, returning to places I know like the back of my hand. Sometimes the light is not ideal, but weather patterns eventually conspire to reveal the familiar in new and compelling ways. When the weather refuses to cooperate I look beyond the obvious.

Seeing the familiar in new ways is a wonderful way to be in the world, and a great way to grow visually. Best of all,ar we need go no further than our own backyard to begin.

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