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Leanne Christie: Dramatic Cityscapes and Landscapes in Oil

Today’s featured artist is Leanne Christie, a Vancouver, Canada oil painter with a true gift for creating dramatic cityscapes and landscapes.

Raised in South Africa, Leanne journeyed the world after college graduation. After ten years she found herself in Vancouver, inspired by its striking landscapes and city scenes. She credits the city with rekindling her childhood fascination in dramatic and changing cityscapes—something that this first painting showcases perfectly:


Leanne’s interpretation of Vancouver has transformed a bustling waterfront city from something purely man-made into a magical location. A hazy fog even covers the city with gray tones, lending some mystery to the line of massive buildings crowding along the shoreline.

In this next painting, she captures the city along the shoreline once again, but from a much simpler angle.


Leanne draws us in by strategically placing large rocks up close, which offset the far-off city. And between the foreground rocks and the background city, she captures a dynamic, wave-filled bay.

In this last painting, Leanne not only reveals a gorgeous landscape, but also showcases the integrity of the medium which is so important to her. Notice how her brushstrokes are clearly revealed through the oil paint below:


If you’d like to experience more of Leanne’s cityscapes and landscapes, I encourage you to visit her website at www.Leanne-Christie.com.

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