How to Gain Traffic to Your Art Blog or Art Website over the Holidays

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Are you seeing a dip in traffic to your art website or art blog?

It happens every year, starting around Thanksgiving and extending through the end of December. . . and if it’s your first holiday season with a new website, it may cause some concern. :)

But it shouldn’t.

The holiday slump is a perfectly natural phenomenon: people simply do less online and more with family, relatives, events, etc. Plus, the things they DO end up doing online tend to be related to the holidays.

So how do savvy art bloggers use this information to their advantage?

First, don’t worry too much about the dip in traffic. Your visitor numbers will return to normal sometime by the middle of January.

Second, add “content” to your website or art blog that has to do with the holidays. If you have a traditional art portfolio website (meaning, no blog) it’s going to be tough to improve your traffic quickly. But plan ahead a bit by adding some holiday artwork in October or November, for example, and you should see some visitors looking for those pieces by December.

If you DO have a blog, then you can do a little better—start writing a few holiday-related blog posts near the end of November, and continue on through December.

Supplement with some holiday artwork yourself, and you should be able to get some decent traffic—you might even avoid the holiday slump altogether. Plus, the holiday blog posts and artwork you upload this year will still bring in traffic next year. :)

As always, remember to fill your blog post titles with words that people will be searching for. (Learn more about writing great blog titles here.)

Enjoy the holidays!


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