How to Make a Festive Gourd Snowman for the Holidays

By Kim "Gordie" Carver in Art Tutorials > Other Tutorials

If you need a fun art project you can do with your family on a cold winter day, keep on reading—I’m going to show you how to turn small, ornamental gourds into little holiday snowmen that the entire family will enjoy.

What you’ll need:

First, you’ll need a small, ornamental gourd (dried and cleaned). You’ll also need white Gesso, acrylic or craft paints, paint brushes, and a black permanent marker.

Start off by choosing a gourd with a good shape for a snowman. If you are having your children take part in this project, be sure to prep the gourds ahead of time.

Each gourd should be prepped with one coat of gesso, let dry, and then painted with a coat of white paint over that. You can use a hairdryer to speed the process.

Once you’ve prepped the gourds, everyone can begin to add the snowman’s features such as eyes, carrot nose, mouth, and arms.

You can also outline the other details like a scarf, vest, hat, or earmuffs at this time too. I painted mine on, but you may find a marker to be easier, especially for the kids.

Once the outline is in place, it’s time to add color!

Make a gourd snowman for each member of your family, if you’d like. . . you can embellish them with little straw hats, use strips of cloth for scarves, sequins for eyes and buttons. Let your inner child come out and play.

And here’s one final tip: a gourd’s natural shape makes for a great snowman—but it might not stay upright up on its own.

If that’s the case, just glue a penny or nickel to the bottom of the finished gourd to give it a flatter base to stand on.

Enjoy! :)


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