Mixing Comics and Art: Unique Daily Paintings by Sherry DeGhelder

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Sherry DeGhelder is a daily painter from Missouri who specializes in very unique postcard-sized oil paintings.

I decided to feature Sherry’s work today for following three reasons:

First, I’ve always been a big fan of good design and every single one of Sherry’s paintings are composed exceedingly well. Second, there’s a lot of humor in her paintings (which I’m a sucker for) and third, I think her work shows just how creative artists can be, even while working in a particular medium or genre.

So what is it that make’s her art so different?

Like most daily painters, Sherry paints a variety of small household objects—but unlike any other artist I’ve come across, she arranges all of her still-lifes on top of enlarged comic-strip panels, graphic novel pages, or Marvel Comic art cards.

That being said, it’s probably easiest just to show you. Take a look:

Hey Wait for Me by Sherry DeGhelder

Marbles are a fairly common subject among daily painters, but in Sherry’s painting above there’s nothing common or ordinary about them at all!

The underlying graphic (Captain America’s shield) gives an extremely strong visual “punch” to this painting, as well as a ton of movement—so much so that the marbles actually begin to take on a life of their own, as though they’re acting out a story.

In this next painting, Sherry’s realistic depiction of a baseball superimposed on top of a classic Peanut’s panel is sheer genius.

Spring Fever by Sherry DeGhelder

It’s humorous, without being over-the-top. And again, the juxtaposition of her subjects creates an intriguing visual story.

I also love how Sherry’s use of “found” imagery paired with super-realistic depictions of ordinary objects occasionally gives her paintings a collage-like feel—it’s quite an interesting achievement considering her medium of choice is oils.

Plus, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the eye-catching design elements inherent in each of Sherry’s paintings are hard to ignore—black and white imagery plus a punch of color? You can’t beat that.

Ante Up by Sherry DeGhelder

For more of Sherry DeGhelder’s paintings, please visit her daily painting blog or check out her online portfolio at SherryDeGhelder.com. You won’t be disappointed.


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