Authentic Southwest Landscapes by Texas Painter Kim Shields

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In my mind, the best southwest landscape paintings are all about color and character.

You know the type—where scrub grass and desert meet work trucks and wagons. . . where you can see for miles, and where the shadows are just as blue as the sky.

Well today’s featured artist, Kim Shields, knows a thing or two about painting southwest landscapes. Just take a look at some of her recent paintings:

Herding the Cows by Kim Shields

You can feel the dry summer heat radiating from that sun-baked dirt road, can’t you? And those colors are so crisp it’s like you really can see for miles.

Kim’s paintings capture all the elements of the southwest. They feel like the southwest, and they’re believable to a fault.

For instance, I love this old truck with it’s rust and green paint, parked who-knows-where in a field somewhere.

Taos Truck by Kim Shields

It’s this type of iconic imagery that turns Kim Shields’s paintings stories—stories spanning years (even decades) of hard work, big dreams, and a land so vast that it seems foolish to ever try and fill it.

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And let’s not forget the Southwest’s awe-inspiring works of nature, either, such as the Rio Grande Gorge, below. If that doesn’t take your breath away, nothing will.

Rio Grande Gorge by Kim Shields

To see more gorgeous paintings of the Southwest, please check out Kim’s art blog or visit her website at


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