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Online Art Competition, Day 2. Ten More Entries and a Second Chance to Vote

Scroll down to see more art from the competition being held at ArtFlock this week. It’s not too late to enter and the prizes are definitely worth it, so if you’re an artist, check out the contest guidelines and get your artwork in as soon as possible.

For everyone else, pick a favorite and vote here! (But before you do, make sure to take a look at all the submissions from Day 1, too.)

1. Amantes Dispuestos by Karen Cooper

Amantes Dispuestos by Karen Cooper


2. Ephemeral Feeling by Vanessa Lima de Medeiros

Ephemeral Feeling by Vanessa Lima de Medeiros


3. Falling by Jennie Rosenbaum

Falling by Jennie Rosenbaum


4. Beginning of Holidays by Dorota Connellan

Beginning of Holidays by Dorota Connellan


5. Composition #16 by Michael Moffa

Composition #16 by Michael Moffa


6. Linda’s Farm by Dale Knaak

Linda's Farm by Dale Knaak


7. St. Veronica by Aruna Sarode



8. Mask by Erika Takacs

Mask by Erika Takacs


9. Olives by Moshe Mikanovsky

Olives by Moshe Mikanovsky


10. Rapture/Raptor by Stacy Brown

Rapture - Raptor by Stacy Brown

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This coming Thursday is the last day to enter artwork in this competition, so if you'd like the chance to win a free custom-designed art website, read the rules and register before midnight tomorrow (the sooner the better.) Plus, if you're planning on . . . read more

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