Underwearhats and Donuts: Offbeat Paintings by Stacy Brown

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Stacy Brown is a painter from Santa Fe, New Mexico who combines humor and offbeat imagery to create some truly intriguing artwork.

I knew right away that I was in for something special when I saw this painting, entitled Self Portrait, Center of the Universe.

Self Portrait Center of the Universe by Stacy Brown

Titling any still-life painting as a “self portrait” usually indicates an affinity to the subject matter—and here all we see is a pencil stuck through the center of a delicious glazed donut surrounded by the words “The Center of the Universe.”

It’s obviously a metaphor, but what does it mean? A love of donuts and art? (I can understand that.) A desire to play with one’s food? (That makes sense too.)

Whatever the case, I’ll let you read into it more on your own. I just think it’s fantastic, and a little dark, which is interesting too.

The paintings just got better, and stranger, from there on.

For instance, this next piece, entitled The Mysteries of Men, Part Two, is one of several in Stacy’s Underwearhats series.

That’s right—Underwearhats—as in underwear-worn-on-the-head.

The Mysteries of Men, Part Two by Stacy Brown

They’re wonderful paintings, all of them—expressive, beautifully rendered, and full of gorgeous detail. (Mysteries of Men is 4ft x 4ft, so I’m guessing that that patterned shirt took quite a bit of time and effort to finish.)

I love this painting, and the entire series, for the same reason that I like Stacy’s donut-and-pencil self portrait. They’re odd, sure. Very different. But they’re also full of possibilities and stories, the way good art should be.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include at least one silverpoint drawing from Stacy’s Stuff My Mama (used to say) page.

Most of her drawings provoked a chuckle, but this one made me laugh out loud. Whether it’s because of the look on that hand’s, um, face, the very memorable phrase (I can almost hear my own mother saying it), or a combination of the two, I don’t know.

Have fun by Stacy Brown

That’s comedy gold right there.

To see more of Stacy Brown’s work, I’d highly recommend visiting her website and browsing around for a bit. After picking a category, just click on the navel to go forward and the buttocks to go back.

You’ll understand what I mean when you get there. : )


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