Earthy, Ochre Landscape Paintings by Deborah Paris

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This week’s featured artist is Deborah Paris, an oil painter and pastel artist whose landscapes immediately impressed me with their beautifully contrasting color palettes.

And perhaps it’s just the season we’re in, but almost all of the landscapes I found on Deborah’s painting blog were full of rich browns, ochres, and oranges; perfectly complemented by colder shades of blue or gray.

In the painting below, entitled Winter Greys, Deborah makes the most of overcast skies and impending rain—you can almost feel the chilly moisture in the air.

Winter Greys by Deborah Paris

I love how she’s used the texture of the canvas to create an illusion of bare winter branches—just a few strokes of brown paint, brushed thinly upward into the blue sky, and the image is more than believable.

As you can see, reflective pools of water appear in several of her paintings, often becoming the highlight (literally and figuratively) of the piece. It’s that close proximity of cold blue and orange that really makes this next painting sing.

Winter Field - A Bluebird Day by Deborah Paris

Of course, the angles in this painting are wonderful, too. Crushed into rows by the harvest, last year’s crop unerringly lines its way towards that glittering pool. . . which cuts across them like a zig to their zag.

It all leads the eye back and forth to the starkly uniform line of trees, some bare-trunked and shivering under winter’s grip, and a crystal clear blue sky.

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But not all of Deborah’s paintings celebrate the cold—this one, entitled November Twilight is alive and warm with a brilliant sunset of pink and gold.

November Twilight by Deborah Paris

And once again there’s a very real, almost palpable sense of atmosphere—of light and air completely filling the space above those ochre fields.

To see more of Deborah Paris’s paintings, please visit her painting blog (for her most recent work) or visit her website at


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