Resolutions for 2008? What Resolutions?

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Well, this is one poll that didn’t take off. . . apparently new year’s resolutions are passé. I’ll try to keep my questions strictly art-related from now on. : )

As for myself, I’ve only made two resolutions this year, and actually, they’re really more like goals. If you’d like to vote, you still can, but only for the next week or so.

How many new year's resolutions have you made for 2008?
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I also want to mention, however, that I’ve added a new sub-category for polls on EE—it’s labeled Artist Polls and it’s located under EE Reviews. If you ever want check back in on past polls (many of which are still going) now you’ll be able to find them a bit more easily.

And if you have an art-related poll question that you’d like to ask a bunch of other artists, go ahead and let me know. I’ll try to make it happen.


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