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Luminous Landscape Paintings by Virginia Artist Jennifer Young

This week’s featured artist is Jennifer Young, an oil painter from Richmond, Virginia. Jennifer works almost exclusively in landscapes, many of which are painted en plein air from the Virginia countryside.

Jennifer’s most recent works include several paintings for an exhibit entitled, “Luminosity.” Here’s one she completed this week, called Blue Ridge Morning Fog.

Blue Ridge Morning Fog by Jennifer Young

There are a few different things in this landscape painting that create a nice feeling of depth (one being the atmosphere of course) but I especially like the way Jennifer used bigger, more noticeable brushstrokes in the foreground.

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I also love the sheen of that low-lying fog which Jennifer created with just a few strokes of blue-tinged white on top of the green.

These next two paintings explore the light-reflecting qualities of water vapor too—and no doubt they’re the inspiration for the title of Jennifer’s recent exhibit.

Day's End, Hatteras by Jennifer Young

Day’s End, Hatteras is an artist’s playground of complementary blue and orange. The buildings are simply flat, dark shapes—just reference points, really, for the massive light-show being projected across the curving sky.

And in Finale there’s a bit more peace and quiet, but still a glorious use of color.

Finale by Jennifer Young

To see more of these striking vistas, visit Jennifer Young’s website or take a look at her painting blog where she often posts works-in-progress and plein air paintings.

Plus, don’t miss Jennifer Young’s plein air painting demo on EmptyEasel.

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