Thoughts on the Timeless Nature of Art

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Art is forever.

Think about it. We’ll all pass on at some point, but the paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc., that we create—those may last for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Does that inspire you? It certainly inspires me!

Sure, I suppose it’s a long shot—most average artists’ work will never be famous enough to be reproduced in art textbooks or hung in museums, achieving true “immortality.”

But yours might. Or do you consider yourself just an average artist? If so, why?

To clarify, I’m not asking, “What makes you average?” I’m saying, “Why would you ever consider that you‘re just average?”

If you said “yes,” that you’re just average, I think you’re probably looking at your art right now, not what your art COULD be.

Did Vincent Van Gogh know his art would be worth millions, and that his name would be recognized the world over? No.

Imagine the difference it would have made in his life if he had known. What masterpieces would he have made with that knowledge and extra confidence?

Sometimes I think that when we make art for a living, the day-to-day aspect of it can cover our bigger dreams and ideas. We treat it as a job—which it is, I know—but it’s not JUST that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commission you’re working on for someone else, or a series of paintings you’ve put your heart and soul into—all your art will be here a lot longer than you will.

So think about your audience, when you’re painting. Think of all the people, present and future, who will see your art. Give them something amazing to talk about.

Your art could last forever. Make it worth it.


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