Graphite, Charcoal, and Pencil Artists

Self-taught pencil artist Damian May has an amazing talent. So fantastically does he capture the likeness of his subjects, that things like texture and third-dimensionality become very real attributes within each drawing, pen and ink, or pastel creation. But just saying these things about his. . . read more
As a child I would spend hours drawing fanciful floor plans and landscapes, then try to imagine myself having adventures within them. What a delight to find a fellow artist, Stefan Bleekrode, who still creates these imaginary worlds with ink and watercolor. . . read more
It’s interesting how pencil drawings can be so simple, yet also complex - black, white, and tones of gray lend to their simplicity, while detailed hatching, shading, and sharp lines add complexity. Robb Scott embraces this. . . read more
In order to successfully draw figures one must understand proportion, shape and shading. . . and Kieran Ingram has certainly mastered all of these. In the drawing below, he perfectly captured the curve and definition of the. . . read more
Johannes Wessmark is an exceptionally talented color pencil artist from Sweden. Working only in a photorealistic (or superrealistic) style, Johannes routinely pushes the limits of what colored pencils and watercolors can accomplish.. . . read more

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