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As I mentioned in last week’s Sunday newsletter, today marks the beginning of EmptyEasel’s 6th year online. . . so to celebrate, this week I’d like to showcase some of the “Best of EE” from these past five wonderful years.

Thank you so much for reading, for contributing, and for being a part of the journey so far. I can’t wait to see where the next five years take us. :)

From 2007:

Brush Care 101: How to Clean your Paint Brushes after Oil Painting

The Complete List of Oil Painting Supplies that every Beginning Painter needs

How to Add Incredibly Thick Texture to your Acrylic Paintings

How to Photograph your Artwork for a Portfolio or the Internet

From 2008:

9 Visual Blunders Every Artist Should Watch Out For

How To Add Color To Black and White Photos in Photoshop

Baiko’s Ikebana Art: The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging

Why Artists Should Avoid JavaScript and Flash Websites

From 2009:

How to Draw a Portrait of the Head

Oil Pastels 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Painting with Oil Pastel

Paul Ruiz: Portraits in Paint

6 Tips for Creating Distance in any Landscape Painting

From 2010:

How to Build Your Own Pochade Box for Painting Outdoors

9 Very Common Figure Drawing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Start Licensing Your Artwork – 8 Art Licensing Resources for Artists

VIDEO: How to Make Your own Beautifully Textured Art Paper

From 2011:

Warm-up Excercises for Painters – Break through that Painter’s Block!

VIDEO: How Pour Watercolors over Masking for Amazing Results

Think Big. . . 4 Huge Tips for Painting on Small Canvases

8 Creative Ways to Add Abstract Texture to Your Next Painting

And of course, here are last week’s articles as well:

VIDEO: Planning a Composition

A Painter’s Review of the Illusions Floater Frames from Jerry’s Artarama

Rajesh Desai: Light-filled Tropical Landscapes in Watercolor

An Interview with Costume Designer, Corey Johnston

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Monday in Video Tutorials - Dale Laitinen will be demonstrating just a few of the steps he uses to create a value painting, similar to a value sketch. As always, Dale has lots of good advice to go along with his demonstration.

Tuesday in . . . read more

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