20 Great Artist Websites for Art Students

Published on Aug. 3rd 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since starting our own art website business (we offer fantastic artist websites for students, by the way) we no longer feel unbiased enough to continue updating lists like the ones below, and some of the details may out of date. Please check each website for current information.

Are you passionate about turning your art into a career?

If so, your first stop should be the web. There are loads of great websites online where you can find guidance, news, research, images, communities, and more. Here is a list of 20 sites perfect for students studying visual arts:

Photoshop.com – Every art student has worked with Adobe Photoshop at one point. This online version is similar, allowing you to edit, get ideas, share, and store—all while working directly on the web.

DeviantArt – DeviantArt is an online art community where students can share work, chat with others, get critiques, and sell work. The forums on this site are an excellent place to find jobs and more.

MyFonts – This innovative site is for web designers who aren’t sure exactly what font they want to use. MyFonts allows you to search fonts, has font identification, and font experts for guidance.

Tutorialized – Tutorialized is a tutorial website loaded with thousands of free tutorials for Photoshop and Flash. Students can find tutorials that range from the basics to creating web layouts.

QVectors – QVectors has free, quality vector images that will fit any student’s needs.

MorgueFile – MorgueFile is a free public image archive. Art students can find loads of high resolution images that can be used for personal or commercial projects.

Adobe Market and Exchange – Every digital art student that uses Photoshop or Adobe products has to check out the Adobe Market and Exchange. This site is full of freeware and services that extend creative possibilities.

Art Tutorials Wiki – Art Tutorials Wiki is a free tutorial site for technical and digital artists. In addition to tutorials, the site also features free stock images.

ArtLex – With over 3,600 art terms, ArtLex is an all-inclusive art dictionary. This handy website is a great reference for artists, students, and educators.

Art Studio Chalkboard – The Art Studio Chalkboard assists artists with the technical fundamentals of painting and drawing. Created specifically for art students, this online source teaches shading, color, and perspective.

DreamsTime – DreamsTime is an online stock photography warehouse that sells images for as little as 20 cents or free. More than five million images are available.

FreeStockPhotos – Just as the name implies, FreeStockPhotos is an excellent resource to find photos for digital projects. Photos include a variety of landscapes–from weather and flowers to Athens and Egypt.

Color Matters – Color Matters is a good place to find everything color. Artists can find the best ways to use color for design and study basic color theory.

EyeFetch – College artists looking to meet others who share their passion for art will love EyeFetch. This online art community features art news, contests, groups, displays, and so much more.

Art a GoGo – Art a GoGo is a refreshing art news site that provides news, reviews, art links, and art events.

Artcyclopedia – Students looking for an online replacement for heavy art history books will find what they need on Artcyclopedia. This online encyclopedia includes information on everything from great artists to movements.

ArtDaily – ArtDaily is an online newspaper that covers art events around the world.

FreeVectors – FreeVectors is an online gallery that offers shapes, icons, diagrams, banners, and other tools to help improve layouts.

Saatchi – Saatchi is a worldwide online art gallery. The site was created for art students who want to meet others around the globe, display work, and get critiques.

ArtSchools.com – This excellent online directory for art schools answers questions students have about college. Visitors can find schools, financial aid, books and supplies, career information, and other valuable resources.

The author, Karen Schweitzer, writes about online colleges for OnlineCollege.org.

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