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Monday in SEO for Artists – Tomorrow I’ll post another search engine optimization tip that will help YOU help other people find your website or art blog. EmptyEasel also has a lot of other SEO tips for artists in the archives, and I’d highly recommend reading through those as well.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Dianne Mize’s next article will discuss the effects of using gradation when you paint—specifically, how how using gradients intelligently can improve your overall composition and add interest to your work.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – I don’t remember when I came across this week’s featured artist (it was a while back I think), but if you want to see some truly gorgeous plein air paintings by Jennifer McChristian then just drop in this Wednesday.

Thursday in General Art Advice – In Thursday’s reader-submited article, Zach Risso outlines his thoughts on setting up a home studio. Whether you already have the perfect setup or you’re just now looking to create your own space, I hope you’ll come back and check it out.

Friday in Photoshop Tricks – Margot Dinardi returns with another GIMP tutorial on Friday—this time she’ll be showing us how to create unique text effects using distortion filters, color gradients, and texture.

Plus, there’s a new discount available for EmptyEasel artists:

ArtId.com recently contacted me with a special offer that I wanted to pass along to anyone who might be interested. Just enter this discount code—EE808—as you sign up for ArtId’s Silver Membership and you’ll get 2 months free after your first month. Use the same code on a Gold Membership to get 3 months free after your first month.

I took a quick look and saw that ArtId gives their members a gallery space, a blog, and a few other things under ArtId.com. They also manage a large eBay store that members can sell through, so if any of that sounds interesting, go check them out.

And here are last week’s articles one more time:

Are Your Paintings Boring? Spice Things Up with Creative Intervals

Michael Naples: A Premier Daily Painter

Business Cards 101: For the Independent 21st Century Artist

4 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Promote Your Art Online

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Monday in Art Opinion - Justin Gohde submitted an interesting article the other day explaining why many art blogs are quickly turning into real-time, multi-dimensional sketchbooks for contemporary artists and their fans. It's a fun, insightful read, so make sure to drop in tomorrow for that. Tuesday. . . read more

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