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Published Aug. 24th 2008

Monday in Art Movements – Ever heard of Pixel Art? As far as art movements go, it’s a little geeky, and very retro. . . but don’t let that stop you from dropping in tomorrow for a great introductory article by Zach Risso on this unique style of digital art.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – If you’re interested in improving your compositions, Dianne Mize has a fantastic tutorial for you this Tuesday. It’s all about the different types of edges that painters can create, and how each one will affect the composition as a whole. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – And don’t miss Karen Freedman’s beautiful encaustic paintings on Wednesday, either. I really liked these pieces, both for their color and texture, and I think you will too.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Self-confidence and motivation—good topics for everyone, let alone artists, but this Thursday Denise Telep will tackle those issues specifically with artists in mind.

Friday in Photoshop Tricks – You know the drill. . . at the end of the week we’ll be posting another GIMP tutorial by Margot Dinardi. So far Margot’s explained some basic digital painting techniques and how to use the pen tool—so check those out, then come back for the latest on Friday!

Plus here’s the good stuff from last week, too:

How to Turn One-time Art Buyers Into Happy Return Customers For Life

Using Notan as a Painting Strategy: A Step-by-step Painting Tutorial

The Raw, Textural Landscape Paintings of Richard Hearns

StumbleUpon: An Effective (and Fun) Way to Market Your Art Online

How to Draw Simple Shapes in GIMP Using the Pen Tool

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