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Published Apr. 27th 2008

It’s Photoshop week on EE!

Monday – Thursday in Photoshop Tricks – For the majority of professional artists, Adobe Photoshop is the image editor of choice—and whether you’re a painter, pastelist, graphite artist, photographer, or digital artist, odds are at some point you’ll be editing your images on a computer, so it helps to know your way around it.

I’ve written a few Photoshop tutorials for EmptyEasel in the past (you can find them right here) and every day this week I’ll be publishing additional tutorials which were written by Kaitlyn Miller of

Her articles will explain how to use Adobe Photoshop to prepare photographs, scans, or digital artwork for printing, as well as some more advanced techniques for improving your images overall. (A few of which were new to me, and really fascinating.)

Kaitlyn’s articles will also contain some good information about commercial printing requirements in general, which might be helpful if you’ve ever considering printing your own limited run of fine art prints or photographs.

Sound interesting? Then remember to check out EmptyEasel’s Photoshop Tricks each day for the latest tutorial.

Friday in Artist Polls – In keeping with the theme, this week’s poll question is: “What image-editing software do you use the most?”

Vote here—I’ll post the results on Friday. And as always, feel free to add an answer if you don’t see your program listed.

Last week’s articles, in case you missed them:

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A Brief History of Ukiyo-e (Japanese Art Prints) – submitted article

Would you Rather Sell Original Art, or Art Prints? New Poll Results

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