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Monday – The little bit of “America’s got Talent” that I saw last night made me think about my culture’s desperate obsession with fame and attention. Does that ever creep into fine art? You bet it does. More on that in tomorrow’s opinion article.

Tuesday – After taking a look at Picasso last week, I thought Georges Braque deserved an article on EmptyEasel as well. I’ll show some paintings by the other founder of Cubism, and let you decide whose work you like better.

Wednesday – This week instead of reviewing reader-submitted artwork I’ll be featuring a watercolor and gouache painter I found online myself. Check back on Wednesday to see some works by that artist and find out who it is.

Thursday – A little over a month ago I posted an article which explained how I used Google to estimate the number of member artists in several art websites online, one of which was Imagekind. I became curious as to how many Imagekind artists were pro or platinum members (paying) versus basic (non-paying) and I think I found the answer, again using Google. I’ll share that on Thursday.

Friday – While most pre-stretched canvases come already primed, if you want to start making your own canvases you‘ll need to know how to prime them yourself. This Friday I’ll explain exactly how to do that.

Saturday – OK, I promise I’ll try to think up a funny Fourth of July cartoon. But if I can’t, don’t blame me. . .

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Monday - Tomorrow I’ll be writing about blogging. More specifically, why EVERY artist should have a blog. I’ve written down several good reasons already and I’m aiming for ten—you won’t want to miss this article. Tuesday - On Tuesday I’ll be looking at the life and works of Henri Matisse, a powerfully colorful painter who lived—and impacted art. . . read more

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