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Monday – Tomorrow I’ll publish a companion article to last week’s How to Handle a Critique. This Monday it’s all about how to give a good one.

Tuesday – EE’s historical artist this week is Pablo Picasso, and I already know I won’t have the space to adequately cover his life and works. I’ll just have to give it my whirlwind best.

Wednesday – More submitted artwork is on its way this Wednesday! My apologies again to those of you I haven’t gotten back to yet; I do read every email and respond when I can. If you haven’t sent in your art yet, check out the guidelines.

Thursday – Normally I don’t display my own work on EE, but recently I’ve had several readers ask about my paintings so I thought I’d show a few from my latest series to answer everyone all together. And, since I bit the bullet and paid to have prints made of one of my paintings, I’ll let you know where I went and how they turned out.

Friday – The last article in my color series is here and, whether you consider it to truly be a color or not, white is certainly worth talking about. Check back in on Friday to read all about it.

Saturday – A doodle, a cartoon, an inkblot. . . something fun will appear this weekend. But let’s just make it through the workweek first, all right? : )

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Monday - The little bit of "America's got Talent" that I saw last night made me think about my culture's desperate obsession with fame and attention. Does that ever creep into fine art? You bet it does. More on that in tomorrow's opinion article. Tuesday - After taking a look at Picasso last week, I thought Georges Braque deserved an article on EmptyEasel as. . . read more

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